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Towards helping your website generate more business

Digital Marketing Analysis

  • Your business doesn’t make it easy for your clients easily see your offerings and services.
  • The inhouse team don’t have expertise in all aspects of your marketing channels.
  • Your local team aren’t maximising lead generation from your local community.
  • Your inhouse team don’t have enough experience with connecting offline marketing, online management and sales to maximise your ROI.
  • The company /parent company/franchise owner/website doesn’t allow local teams to market their own business effectively.
  • You’re not currently fully utilising facebook pixels, Google tracking, chat windows and CRMs systems and your website to maximise ROI and generate more leads.
  • Currently franchisees/local managers are forced to market via social media which means they’re missing out on generating business through local SEO and they’re forced to invest money into Facebook and Instagram.
  • Conversions can’t be tracked properly as your marketing team/person doesn’t have access to key information regarding your businesses prices to effectively run advert campaigns because your worried about them having ‘privileged information’.
  • You have key competitors who are not deliver a product to the standard you offer, yet they have a bigger social media presence and/or higher rankings in Google. (even if they have a rubbish website and yours looks great!)
  • You need to be more targeted with competitor monitoring on social media and Search Engines.
  • Money is being wasted on campaigns that aren’t converting the best ROI.
  • Local businesses can’t run effective Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns because they’re not properly tracking conversions online and offline.
  • Local businesses can’t make full use of their team through creative blogs and content production that could help build rapport with potential clients. With a content plan you can activate your staff as ‘experts’ and improve your customer relationships.
  • Manage a website, marketing and competitor analysis to see how your digital presence stands up in your industry.
  • Start looking at your overall marketing budget and consider how to best connect offline marketing, b2b, networking and events, social media through to your website and a basic CRM system that can be monitored 24/7 365 by real people who work for your business and know your products.
  • Local marketing, needs a local and target approach. Increase your local reach and company reputation and increase your revenue.
  • By focusing on local marketing and reaching more people in a community within a 1km radius of the studio, you could expect a 20% uplift in revenue.
  • If you’re business is part of a national group with offices in different cities or a franchise, we can help each office have it’s own local website which is managed by head office.
  • Local businesses who are part of a national business can get the ability to market to people in their local area, offering tailored offers for the needs of their community.
  • Fully optimised WordPress websites of up to 8 pages with content tailored for your clients or shoppers from as little as $3500 AUD
  • Install and create a full digital marketing package with chat window, newsletters, Google, Facebook and Instagram tracking from $1500 AUD
  • Fully tailored SEO and content marketing campaigns with tracked results via Google Adwords, YouTube, facebook, Instagram and other networks from $1000 AUD per month
  • We can manage your Google and Facebook Advert campaigns and get results from budgets as low as $1500 per month including management
  • WordPress website management and local SEO content from $500 per week, per site.
  • Local website hosting solutions from Carbon neutral servers in Australia and Singapore.
  • Manage local branches or offices marketing as part of a pilot expansion and niche, hyper local marketing campaigns.
  • Create niche industry content, ghost writing,
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile content management
  • Sales copywriting and advertising design
  • Plug & Play branding and marketing campaigns

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Local SEO & Digital Marketing

People searching locally need to find local services first in Google.

  • Your business needs to be visible in the top 3 positions in Google for your company name and services
  • Your business needs to rank in Google My Business for your local services
  • Your prospect clients need to find your business and get in touch with your staff within seconds, not minutes, hours or days.
  • Your visitors/clients need to find your website useful and easy to quickly establish that your company offers what they are looking for
  • Do you correctly track the leads you receive from Google Search, Google MyBusiness, social media, calls, referrals and your website?
  • Do you know who your local business advocates are? Are you engaging with local influencers?
  • Do you offer incentives, offers or contra’s to generate more business from the people and other business owners in your community?
  • Are you supporting local charities or community projects?

We can help your business maximise its digital footprint and improve your sales online and offline.

Our Method

We use a simple process that works - listening and understanding.

This methodology ensures a tailored solution across all channels that will connect and engage with local people and other businesses who share a common interest in coming together to collaborate and support each other.